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Investment Management Software That Makes Investment Managers "Addictive"

PEPM is a new investment management / investment management software application.

It is no secret that traditional investment management software has a high implementation failure rate. Investors' reluctance to use is one of the biggest reasons for the ultimate failure of implementation. Imagine that, after returning home every day when investors visit the project, they also need to open a complicated and difficult-to-use traditional system and enter the project and project information as required. Only to meet the needs of management, can such a system be used?

In recent years, the maturity of Cloud, Social, and Mobile Internet technologies has driven innovation in enterprise software at an unprecedented rate. We are also witnessing the birth of a new generation of enterprise applications aimed at supporting users to complete their work efficiently. PEPM is just such a new investment management / investment management software application.

Designed According To The Working Characteristics Of Investors

Investors spend most of their time on the road. They need to check the project and project information at any time, get team support in time, update data and report information. Simple and easy-to-use mobile phone application allows investment to keep in touch with the team at any time and becomes a weapon for mobile office and billing. This is the starting point of PEPM design.

Consumer Internet Experience

It's time to free investors from the complex and difficult-to-use form software of the last century! PEPM looks and works the same as your favorite consumer Internet applications (WeChat, Weibo, Renren, etc.). It is beautifully designed and simple to run, requiring minimal training. Investors, investment managers, and even company executives can quickly master it. ,start using. Unlike most traditional investment management software systems that are difficult to use, learning how to use them takes a lot of time.

Arm Your "Road Fighter"

With exquisite and fast mobile office and single billing tools, project win rate and performance improvement are just around the corner.