Wealth Management Business System

PEPM Wealth Management Internet Financial System is a set of Internet financial expansion business systems specifically developed for companies that already have offline wealth management and wealth management businesses. It can transform or extend offline wealth management to online and offline and Integrated financial management.

How To Become Efficient And Accurate Management Software?

The system mainly includes four major categories: the lending center subsystem, the wealth management subsystem, the Internet financial subsystem, and the website operation management subsystem. It can quickly improve the service capabilities and sales efficiency of financial advisors, improve the compliance of the sales process, increase corporate business income, and reduce business risks. The main core of the system is reflected in the comprehensive management functions of management, approval of loan contract and investment agreement processes, and matching of creditor's rights. It supports the systematic or step-by-step management of approval operations such as loan contracts and investment agreements, including the approval of initial review or the return of loans. Management of various links including contracts and investment agreements, final approval or return of loan contracts and investment agreements, generation of monthly repayments, automatic calculation of claims, matching of claims, printing of claims reports, and reminders of various due dates. The system realizes the management of credit-related data by roles and users. Users can log in to the system at any time, approve loan contracts and investment agreements, manage the value of claims, and perform claims matching operations.

Wealth Management System Features: