Project Based

Focus On "People" And "Relationships" (Social)

Traditional investment management software with process as the core

Over the years, influenced by the idea of ERP process automation, traditional investment management software mainly emphasizes investment process automation, as well as the entry and storage of project data. "People" are not visible in the system (user name). The front-end service departments of enterprises (investment, marketing, and customer service) focus on people and relationships. Internal and external collaboration and communication is an important dimension of their work.

PEPM Focuses On People And Relationships

We believe that the success of the investment team depends largely on the ability of the investment staff to organize resources internally and externally and communicate and collaborate. PEPM uses social networks as its technical support. It brings internal colleagues, organizational structures, and networks to it, and combines investment processes and knowledge to achieve the goal of comprehensively supporting investors to complete their work efficiently and truly form a project-centric operation for all employees in the enterprise. culture.

The social network-based architecture also makes PEPM the first investment management software system to break through corporate boundaries and allow projects to enter the system (strict permission restrictions) for communication and collaboration, thereby truly making investment management software an enterprise that connects employees, projects, and partners. organism.