OA Collaborative Office Management System

As the traditional management and office methods of the company can not meet the needs of enterprise development, PEPM can help companies to automate business processes, document management and sharing automation, efficient distributed office, improve cross-department cooperation efficiency, and achieve centralized management of knowledge in collaborative office Break information silos and build information integration platforms.

Main Function Module

  • Time Attendance
  • schedule
  • Approval
  • comment
  • Shared document library
  • Mobile support
  • How To Become Efficient And Accurate Management Software?

    Time Attendance

    Quick punch-in function, which can be accurately located and identified according to the office location of the enterprise, and can be operated on the mobile phone.


    Schedule collaboration, work collaboration, and targeted discussions and filings to improve the standardization, structure, and systemization of work management, and facilitate subsequent work reviews.


    Powerful and deeply personalized process engine; through simple configuration, it can meet the process approval requirements of daily OA approval, investment business approval, contract approval, etc .;

    Support multiple business models, approval and support complex and changeable cross-mesh approval logic such as countersign, add sign, transfer sign;

    Change project status and supplement project data through process flow changes to increase project management compliance requirements.


    You can conduct online discussions on meeting minutes, project data, etc. at work, and you can view and reply to messages online anytime, anywhere, and support advanced functions such as @reminder, file and image upload, hyperlink sending, emoticons, etc. Notice.

    Shared document library

    Establish a data library, share document materials in real time or preview online via mobile phone;

    The system supports full-text search, and performs keyword searches for all types of data objects within the system such as: projects, investors, investment institutions, documents, events, tasks, etc.

    Supports most Office files, online preview on mobile and PC, and automatic watermark preview.

    Mobile support:

    The mobile terminal can perform operations such as documents, data review, process approval, log collaborative discussion, and message notification collaboration.

    According to the materials, they are available anytime, anywhere, and truly realize mobile office.

    The functions available on the PC end of the system are the same as those on the mobile end. You can use the mobile end instead of the PC end to operate. You can customize the APP application for a separate fee (not recommended). It supports all mobile devices, UI adaptive display, and is deeply tied to WeChat. set. Support the following binding methods: WeChat public account, WeChat applet, Enterprise WeChat