Investment Institution Portal System

Information asymmetry restricts fund raising and development. Zichuan Investment Agency Portal provides integration of information disclosure, data analysis, authority control, and news release for various types of investment institutions such as parent funds / guide funds / VC / PE / angel / real estate funds. the system platform.

Main Function Module

  • Quarterly / Annual Report Disclosure
  • Audit report / custodian report / disclosure of financial statements
  • Fund Basic Information Disclosure
  • Fund Investment Information Disclosure
  • Fund investment portfolio disclosure
  • Fund cash flow disclosure
  • Investor access control
  • Investor viewing or download restrictions
  • Investment data chart display
  • News data display
  • Mobile integration

  • How To Become Efficient And Accurate Management Software?

    Quarterly / Annual Report, Audit Report, Custody Report, Financial Statement Disclosure

    Fund managers upload quarterly and annual reports, audit reports, custody reports, financial statements, etc. for investors to view and download at any time.

    Fund Basic Information Disclosure

    The fund manager maintains and displays basic information such as the full name of the fund, the investment period, the size of the fund, the China Foundation Registration Number, and the unified credit number.

    Fund Investment Information Disclosure

    The fund manager maintains and displays fund investment information such as fund IRR, TVPI, DPI, number of fund investments, total fund subscription, and fund recovery amount.

    Fund Investment Portfolio Disclosure

    The fund manager maintains a list showing the fund's investment portfolio, a brief summary of the portfolio, the investment / financing status of the portfolio, the exit status of the portfolio, etc.

    Fund Cash Flow Disclosure

    The fund manager maintains and displays the cash flow data such as the distribution and payment of fund investors' contributions. If necessary, it also maintains and displays the cash flow data of the investment portfolio allocations for investors to view and calculate.

    Investor Access Control

    All uploaded reports and fund investment data are set with corresponding permissions, and are only available to corresponding investors.

    Investor Viewing Or Download Restrictions

    You can adjust permissions to restrict investors' operations such as file browsing / viewing / downloading with watermarks.

    Investment Data Chart Display

    Investment data can be displayed in line charts, histograms and other charts, which are intuitive and rich.

    News And Announcements

    News and announcement data of managers or funds such as honor status, distribution plan, report disclosure time, etc. can be released on this platform.

    Mobile Integration

    Optional WeChat public account, mini-program, Dingding and other mobile terminal integration methods.