Perfect Mobile Office

Mobile Office

Mobile Investment Management Software For The Perfect Native Office Experience

At present, a large number of early-stage investment management software products on the market, due to the limitations of innate architecture, they claim that the mobile terminal is mostly the WAP version, that is, the original web page version of the investment management software is accessed through a mobile browser. Except that it is difficult to take advantage of the phone's own characteristics (location, voice, pictures, etc.), and the product experience (speed, ease of use, etc.) cannot be compared with the real native application, it does not support offline use.

Not A Simple PC-side Extension

We believe that mobile applications should not be a simple extension of PC-side functions on mobile phones. Therefore, we adopt the “mobile first” research and development concept, and re-plan and design a new generation of mobile and social-based investment management software based on the characteristics of native Android and IOS applications. It seamlessly integrates voice, picture, and geographical functions into the investment. Management software.