Flexible Deployment And Integration

Flexibility and Changeability in Implement

Flexible Deployment And Integration

Flexible Deployment:

Depending on the business scale and needs of different projects, we provide two deployment models: public cloud deployment and enterprise on-premises deployment.

Public Cloud Services:

Public cloud deployment is also known as SaaS (Software as a Service) deployment. Think Warehouse Financial Information deploys the entire software to a professional server room. You do not need to install any software and hardware. You can immediately enjoy the business advantages brought by professional software services by registering through an enterprise mailbox. You also don't need to worry about the tedious implementation and installation of traditional software and maintenance updates. The main business advantages brought by the public cloud deployment method include: no need for software and hardware procurement and installation, automatic software upgrades, immediate use, and no need for special IT staff maintenance.

Private Deployment Within The Enterprise:

When you want to deploy the software package of Think Warehouse Financial Information in your company's private cloud or LAN, our professional implementation team can also help you quickly complete the setup and deployment services. In this case, you need to prepare your own hardware and corresponding software environment.


We believe that few enterprise applications can survive in an isolated island. New enterprise applications should be open, mobile, and able to interact with data and information with other applications within the enterprise. When our B2Core system is connected with other applications in the enterprise, all relevant information and operations can be quickly notified to relevant individuals through our system's communication and messaging mechanism, and facilitate communication and collaboration around business flows.

The ZhiCang B2Core platform provides a system API interface, which can easily interface with other enterprise systems and exchange data.