Investment Banking Business Management System

The PEPM investment banking business system is a comprehensive business management system created by Zichuan Technology for financial consultants (FA) and traditional investment banking institutions. Including project management, communication management, industry database, OA and other daily approval management.

Main Function Module

  • Project library
    • Project data
    • Document management
    • Project progress control
  • Communication management
    • Project evaluation
    • online chating
    • Collaborative schedule
    • Sync WeChat notifications
  • Investors and Institutions
    • Investor database maintenance
  • Project referral management
    • Follow up each project promotion progress
  • knowledge base
    • Research Report
    • Collection of work guidelines
  • OA
    • Administrative personnel approval
    • Conference room management
  • Investment Bank Business Management System

      With the rapid development of China's economy and the diversification of corporate financial needs, the investment banking business has developed rapidly. The investment banking business is jointly developed with other businesses, such as financial advisory services, mergers and acquisitions loans, and private equity financing, which will effectively form a "three-dimensional" service for investment banks; competition among Chinese enterprises is intensifying, and the demand for mergers and acquisitions and restructuring is increasing. The integration of corporate planning and mergers and acquisitions provides development space. In the process of the banking industry's transition from separate operations to mixed operations, it first stepped into the fields of securities and private equity financing. The development of investment banking business has effectively improved the comprehensive service level of commercial banks. At the same time, it has also promoted the formation of long-term stable customer groups for traditional businesses. In this external environment, institutions have paid more attention to the development of investment banking services. In order to improve the service level of investment banking services, Suzhou Zichuan Information Technology Co., Ltd. has developed an investment banking business management platform.

          The investment banking business management platform can be divided into three parts according to the business content: financial consultant project management, business collaborative management, and industry database.

         Financial advisory project management and control: It is an important content of the investment banking business. This system can complete the services in each link from customer marketing to financial advisory service completion. Including customer marketing and customer correspondence, uploading and saving of customer information; customization of project approval process and agreement preservation during the process of signing service agreement; establishment of service team, organization, personnel, and user management; provision of service, importing customer data into the system, system Automatically form financial advisory analysis reports, including: brief financial analysis, comprehensive financial analysis, problem diagnosis, management level analysis, financial status analysis, four capabilities analysis, operating results analysis, cash flow analysis, operating risk analysis, and custom analysis. This report can be viewed and downloaded by the user by logging into the business management platform, or it can be automatically sent by the system to the customer's designated mailbox; the reminder and management of the final charge for the financial consultant's fees.

         Business Collaborative Management: It is a powerful tool for investment bank business management and a guarantee for improving the quality of investment bank services. Including: customer management, project management, business customization management, information management, business statistics and analysis, charge management and so on. It involves a series of processes from project reserve to project approval and project execution before the start of investment banking business. Can customize the project approval process, customer service business, report output scheme, etc. You can save and view the correspondence, graphics, data, image data, project execution and service records involved in each link of the project. Statistics and query can be conducted from various aspects such as project progress, customers, regions, business, charges, and login. Can remind key nodes such as project progress and customer service. Ensure the smooth completion of investment banking business and improve the level of investment banking business services.

            The platform can seamlessly interface with customer CRM systems, core business systems, etc., and import existing customer, institution, personnel and other data directly into the system for system use, and can also maintain relevant information on the system itself. It can be docked with the customer's accounting system, and the service charges provided by the accounting system.