Debt Trading And Issuance Management System

How to use information technology to manage the entire life cycle of bond products such as intentional issuance, preparation of materials, regulatory review and tendering. PEPM debt management system gives mature solutions.

Main Function Module

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    • desktop
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    • To-do
    • Work log
    • Home customization
  • Product category management
    • National debt
    • Local government debt
    • Policy financial debt
    • Commercial bank debt
    • Non-bank financial debt
    • Corporate credit
    • Interbank deposit certificate
    • Central bank bills
    • Asset-backed securities
    • Panda Securities
  • Daily office
    • Regulatory reporting
    • Weekly report
    • Task management
    • Meeting minutes
  • Product management
    • Overview
    • Special terms
    • Major issues
    • Post-investment information collection
    • Early warning
    • Allocation measurement
    • Disclosure Report
    • Related documents
  • Process management
    • Warehouse approval
    • Project approval
    • Due diligence
    • Decision approval
    • Submit for approval
    • Release approval
  • Cooperation management
    • Evaluation of cooperation agencies
    • legal service
    • Financial Assurance Services
    • Business services
    • other service
  • Knowledge management
    • Template management
    • Training management
    • Share management
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  • How To Become Efficient And Accurate Management Software?


    At present, China's debt investment and bond market are an important way for various financial institutions to invest and communicate with corporate finance. In an environment where the market supervision system is equal to multiple bulls, the variety structure is rich, and issuers, underwriters, regulators, investors, coordinators and other identities jointly participate in the creation of the environment.


    Product management

    It covers the basic information of enterprises and customers, information about our project participating members, basic asset elements, and other participating institutions throughout the entire life cycle of product intention issuance, preparation of materials, regulatory review, and tender issuance, and is collected through a unified document. Interface to record all process files.

    Process management

    Covers the entire life cycle process management of bond products from project information acquisition, project storage, due diligence approval, core approval, investment decision making, regulatory submission, capital approval, approval of major events, and approval of post-investment disclosure materials.

    Early warning management

    According to the agreement clause information of each product, automatic notification reminders and manual notification reminders can be set. When the product has signs of default or the risk control function department finds abnormal signs, it will automatically notify the project team and relevant leaders through the system. Improve the level of information-based risk control.

    Under the market supervision system, there are multiple heads, the exchange working day, the national legal working day, and the natural day coexist, and the products under management are highly compliant. Set product disclosure rules, automatically report to the person in charge of disclosure and relevant responsible departments, and check the deadline of the product that is expected to be disclosed in the form of a calendar chart to avoid omissions or preparations near the disclosure node.