New Communication And Collaboration

Revolution in Communication

New Communication And Collaboration

Efficient management communication is a challenge facing every enterprise and team. Especially when the employees of the company are located in different regions, or when a project requires employees with different functions to work and collaborate. The investment team in an enterprise is such a typical group.

The social network applications represented by Weibo and WeChat have proven their strong ability in collaboration and information sharing. When these technologies are applied inside the enterprise and given careful permission restrictions, it will completely change the internal Communication and collaboration system.

Corporate Address Book And Organization Structure

The company is too big, there are too many departments, and there are many branches. Who is who? Which people and departments are directly related to my job? Where am I in this "jungle"? Who is up, down, left and right? PEPM puts the company's organizational structure and individuals on the network, bringing closer distance between employees and efficient collaboration.

Personal Profile

Before contacting a colleague, take a look at his personal profile to understand what it looks like, contact information, hobbies, public background, and what he has been busy with recently. Before I met, I found a lot of common topics.

WeChat Within The Enterprise

By the way, do you like WeChat? !! But building company colleagues on WeChat, subject to restrictions on the number of people, letting colleagues discuss the company's confidential information on the public Internet is very risky. You can now "yell out" to your team without worrying about leaks. Use WeChat to communicate with colleagues inside the company to make communication cooler and save text messages and phone bills.

Internal Weibo

Share work information, experiences, and knowledge documents anytime, anywhere. Use Weibo to accelerate internal knowledge flow and information sharing to form a learning and innovative organization.


I am in charge of an internal project, and members across the region need to discuss, share, and brainstorm together? Create a private group. Enjoy reading, boarding, football, creating public interest groups, invigorating the company atmosphere and culture, and bringing colleagues closer together.

External Group

Frequently share information and collaborate with suppliers and partners on tasks? For the first time, you can create external groups, invite projects, and partners to join private spaces for information sharing and collaboration.

Approval And Workflow

The company is large in size. Leave, business trips, large amount of guests, contracts, discounts, etc. need to be approved and managed. The old OA system? Another system? Too much trouble! The boss can't always approve on a business trip. In addition to the forced use of the entire system, few others are willing to use it. In PEPM, you can process approval requests on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere, communicate with colleagues, and use fragmented time to complete your work.

Task Management

Too many projects, projects need to be followed up and can't be remembered? Now you can set up follow-up tasks and set reminders on your phone immediately after your project visit. You can also assign tasks to others and follow up on the progress at any time.

Schedule Management

All set tasks can be gathered on the calendar, and you can check your schedule at any time through the calendar. You can also view your subordinates' recent schedules and make comments. No matter how busy you are, you won't forget important things!

Daily and Weekly

Goals determine actions and results. Make a summary of your day / week work every day or week, and report on your work plan for tomorrow / next week, develop good habits, and strengthen communication and interaction with your superiors. Managers can review and query the work reports of each subordinate at any time.