About Us

About Us

Company Profile

Suzhou Zichuan Information Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative Internet business software service provider. The company is committed to combining mature Internet technologies (social networking, mobile, cloud) with enterprise business applications to provide better, professional and low-cost software services for enterprise users.

The founding team members of the company are from Softbank Investment, Yuanhe Holdings, Green Alliance and other companies. They have many years of experience in management software, Internet and investment management. For many years, we have deeply realized that after purchasing expensive, rigid, complex and difficult-to-use traditional management software, enterprises have failed to bring expected value because of users' unwillingness to use it. Traditional investment management software has remained high. The failure rate is a typical manifestation of this situation.

The maturity of Internet technology over the past 10 years has provided a basis for changing this situation. The way of delivering software (SaaS or cloud model) through the Internet greatly reduces the overall cost and risk of software services. Social networks make it possible for enterprise applications to transition from a rigid process to a human-centric transition, while the mobile Internet is for enterprise users. Bring the ultimate experience of consumer internet as convenient, practical and easy to use.

It is based on these industry experiences and technical foundations that we launch a core product: PEPM, a new type of investment management software designed to support investment project investment and office work for investors: to help investors obtain project information, consult knowledge documents, and Improve investment opportunities and communicate and collaborate with the team to improve the efficiency and performance of the investment team.

Without any software and hardware cost investment, through online registration, you and your team can immediately begin to easily manage your investment portfolio, experience the power of team collaboration, enhance your investment portfolio, and improve investment performance.

Company Mission

Our mission is to make all Chinese enterprises have access to easy-to-use and professional software services to improve operational efficiency and competitiveness.

These Are Our Principles And Core Values.

Creating value beyond expectations for a project is the purpose of our existence. Our innovation and decision-making comes from listening to projects and gaining a deep understanding of project needs.


People are everything to us. Professional and happy employees are the prerequisite for us to ensure that the project gets the best service.


Trust is the greatest asset of businesses and individuals. Our behavior and decision-making should be based on the trust of projects, employees and investors. Respect, equality, openness, and integrity are the cultural atmosphere in which trust breeds.

Data Security And Privacy

We will protect project data security and privacy with the highest specifications and measures. This is the key to our survival and development.

Simple And Easy To Use

People-oriented software. Providing users with the best experience and value is a fundamental principle of our product design.


Listen to the sound of projects and markets, be brave to break through traditional technologies and operating routines, provide the most efficient and valuable services for projects, and involve projects in the company's value creation process.