Product Advantages

Professional Management

From dealflow to portfolio management, PEPM improves the team's execution by automating the investment process and achieving continuous growth in investment performance, all of which are easier on mobile phones.

Online Communication

Put investment, colleagues, and projects in "pockets", use WeChat-like voice communication and tweeter-like information dissemination, so that "road fighters" can quickly obtain the necessary assistance and information, and PEPM greatly improves the "combat" efficiency.

Online Knowledge

The full participation method precipitates the company's documents and knowledge, allowing employee to check product information, quotes, successful cases, contracts, etc. anytime, anywhere, and improve efficiency.

Mobile First Design

Through mobile phones, you can check your performance progress, process discount applications, approve contracts, and assign tasks anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to authorize a secretary or delay business. Just enjoy the latest PEPM management concepts.

Cloud Management

Cloud-based services lead the wave of PEPM cloud computing. There is no need to install any software and hardware. You can use it by opening a browser or mobile phone. The system always uses the latest version.

Enterprise Security

PEPM real-time data backup, regular redundant backup; strict internal security mechanism; business guarantee of confidentiality agreement; SSL transmission encryption protocol technology, digital security certificate.

Main Products

Full-featured Mobile Access

IOS/Android/Mobile Browser/WeChat

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